About Us

The Bar Association of Belize is comprised of attorneys-at-law, magistrates and judges who have been admitted and licensed to practise law in Belize.  The Bar Association is a statutory body established under the Legal Profession Act and the only national association with a mandate to protect the professional interests of the legal profession and promote the proper administration of justice in the country.


History of the Bar

The Bar Association of Belize is a statutory body established under the Legal Profession Act Chapter 320 of the laws of Belize. Membership to the Bar Association was initially mandatory under the Act until 2014 when the Act was amended to remove membership as a requirement for admission to practise law in Belize.


Past Presidents of the Bar

  • Past Presidents of the Bar
  • Cheryl-Lynn Vidal SC
  • Pricilla Banner
  • Jacqueline Marshalleck SC
  • Eamon Courtenay SC
  • Andrew Marshalleck SC
  • Lisa Shoman SC
  • Fred Lumor SC
  • Simeon Sampson SC
  • Lois Young SC
  • Harrison Courtenay SC
  • Bernard Quentin Augustus Pitts


Our Work

We provide opportunities for legal professions to enhance their skills and participate in continuing legal education. We also organize networking opportunities for our members.  Our active calendar includes legal for a featuring discussion or timely legal topics, an annual law conference, and social activities among members. Members are kept informed through frequent emails and web postings.We work to enhance the perception of the legal profession by offering free legal advice though legal clinics organized by the Association.



National Mediation Committee

The Association is a member of the National Mediation Committee chaired by the Honourable Justice Courtney Abel. The Committee is designed to managed and develop the mediation programs in Belize.