The Bar Association of Belize (the “Association”) is a trade association of attorneys-at-law established pursuant to section 40 of the Legal Profession Act, CAP. 320 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000. The Association is a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal.

By section 40(3) of the Legal Profession Act, the objects of the Association are:


(3) The objects of the Association shall be-

(a) to deal with matters affecting the interests of the profession and its members and to take such action thereon as may be deemed appropriate;

(b) to take such steps as may be proper and necessary to ensure that adequate rules regulating the etiquette and practice of the profession in Belize are formulated and enforced;

(c) to prescribe and maintain the highest standards of learning, integrity, honour and courtesy in the legal profession;

(d) to represent the Bar in matters concerning the profession in relation to the courts, the Legislature, and the Government of Belize and in any form where the interests of the profession arise;

(e) to promote, assist and ensure the proper administration of justice and unceasingly to watch over and protect the civil liberties of the people;

(f) to promote and bring about desired law reform and to take all steps necessary or desirable to develop and maintain a public awareness of the need for a constant review of the law;

(g) to provide legal representation whenever the interests of justice demand it;

(h) to project the views of the Association on matters of public importance;

(i) to promote and foster relations with other professional bodies in Belize and elsewhere for the purpose of better achieving the objects of the Association, and to subscribe to and join or associate with regional and international professional organizations whose objects are not inconsistent with those of the Association.

The Bar Committee is responsible for the management of the business of the Association between the first general meetings in every year subject to directions as may be given by the Association at any intervening general or special meeting. The Bar Committee consists of the President of the Association, who shall be the Chairman, the Attorney General, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and three other members of the Association.